Redefining efficiency through centralized data management

A CRM system that allows senior places team to manage everything in a centralised hub, minimise the work load significantly, and saves thousands of hours.

My Role

Product designer (I was the only designer in this project)


6 weeks

Key Stakeholders

SP team (founder, marketing team, and data team)

Developers (front and back end)

Problem statement

Senior Places Care Community Finder Agency is tasked with managing over 30,000 care home properties. During the design and development of the Senior Places Org website, a basic admin panel with limited features was introduced by the developers. It quickly became apparent that this admin panel would be inadequate for effectively managing the vast amount of data, potential leads, and related information.

Senior Places team attempted to utilize third-party databases or CRM systems such as Airtable and Pipedrive. However, these solutions did not meet expectations as they lacked essential functionalities such as image uploads, pricing control options, and more. So, they decided to build a custom CRM system where they can control everything easily and efficiently


A glimpse of the final design

Access arrangements with file uploading prototype
animated loop
Admin panel filtering system

Problem validaton

Is it worth to build a CRM system for this?

Due to the data privacy and non disclosure agreement, I may not able to share all details.

To ensure we're on the right track, I embarked on a problem validation process. Here's how I confirmed that we're addressing the correct issues faced by senior places team.

Research approach

I conducted one-on-one and contextual interview sessions with each team member to identify individual challenges and personalized needs.

I analyzed the existing admin panel and third-party CRM systems to identify discrepancies between their features and the team's expectations.

Research findings

Given that the data has been collected from various sources, the system should facilitate CSV file imports to streamline the data integration process.

Require an automatic duplicate detection and merging to streamline data management, since the data table contains numerous duplicate entries, making manual identification impractical.

To manage this huge set of data an advance filtering system is a must.

Bulk selection and edit option.

Easy way to manage leads.

An option for internal team and task management.

Features to edit web contents, general settings, and SEO settings.

User feedbacks:

  • Cumbersome manual processes impede workflow and evoke frustration.
  • The outdated, non-user-friendly portal demands excessive mental and physical effort.
  • Users face task incompletions, resulting in wasted time.

Key solutions

Each feature in the right place

Please note, this project is extensive, encompassing numerous features and functionalities. However, to adhere to privacy policies, I'm solely sharing a key aspect where I addressed challenges related to property management.

My primary objective was to ensure cognitive ease and minimize interaction costs for users navigating this complex system. To achieve this, I've introduced essential features aimed at facilitating the easy and efficient management of listed properties, leads, internal teams, web content, and company information.

Centeralized place for organization management

To ensure high task efficiency and accessibility of vital information, I've designed an intuitive centralized dashboard (figure - 2.1) for managing all listed properties. Users can effortlessly access essential information and make necessary adjustments to any entries as needed.

Centralized hub for the properties

Comprehensive control over essential features

I've designed the data table with flexibility in mind, containing hundreds of columns. Users can personalize the columns based on their specific needs, allowing for a tailored and efficient viewing experience (figure - 3.1).

Feature - Table column customization

Various care communities offer a range of services, including assisted living, memory care, independent living, and nursing home care. Users have the flexibility to easily adjust and customize these services (figure - 3.2) according to their specific needs and preferences.

Feature - Edit living options

I introduced a feature (figure - 3.3) to help the data team efficiently manage the extensive list of amenities provided by care communities. The feature categorizes all amenities into six main categories, each containing several types of amenities, simplifying the control and organization of data for the team.

Feature - Edit amenities

Customizing pricing options can indeed be complex, especially considering the variability in care home prices based on different living types. To address this challenge, I've introduced a feature (figure - 3.4) that allows the data team to easily control and manage pricing options.

Feature - Edit pricing

I've crafted a comprehensive filtering system (figure - 3.5) empowering the data team to filter data according to their specific requirements. This system enables seamless customization, allowing users to refine their searches with precision and efficiency.

Feature - Advance filters

I've also provided features such as import or export csv data sheets, automatic duplicate detection and merging system, and comprehensive company profile customizations.

Feature - others
Feature - Profile settings

Efficient way of adding a new organisation

In response to user feedback regarding the lengthy process of adding a care community profile, which included numerous input fields and lacked options for adding pricing and media files, I've introduced a new feature called 'Add New Organization.' This feature breaks down the process into six easy steps, enabling users to effortlessly add a property and stay motivated throughout the process.

Adding an organization - step 1
Adding an organization - step 2
Adding an organization - step 3
Adding an organization - step 4
Adding an organization - step 5
Adding an organization - step 6

Design impact

We made a significant impact


Thousands of hours

This system is saving thousands of hours for the company.


Task Efficiency

This intuitive error free system ensures a very high task efficiency.

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