Redesigning the therapist booking journey to ensure frictionless experience

My Role

Product Designer


8 hours




Recently I was interviewed by a company and they assigned me this project as a take-home exercise to assess my skills better.

Project context

I was given the details below

Our client wants an app where patients can book therapy appointments. The therapy appointment will be pre-agreed and paid for by the insurance company. Therapists are independent businesses with partnership agreements with the insurer.

User feedbacks:

  • Cumbersome manual processes impede workflow and evoke frustration.
  • The outdated, non-user-friendly portal demands excessive mental and physical effort.
  • Users face task incompletions, resulting in wasted time.

Critical questions

My tasks were to reply these questions

  • What improvements would you make to the user journey and UI to make the experience as frictionless as possible?
  • How would you brief these into the designer so they could adopt your recommendations quickly and accurately?
  • Who are the stakeholders / users, and what other features or integrations would be required to make this a “best in class” application?

Constraints or limitations

  • Time (I had to complete this within a short time of 7-8 hours)
  • User data (I didn't have enough user data to inform design decisions.)

Users / stakeholders

Who are goint to use this product?

  • Patients require therapy who have health insurance coverage (End User)
  • Insurance company (End user + Customer because they are going to pay for this)
  • Healthcare professionals (End User)

High level audit

Problems I identified in the existing booking flow

High level audit of existing booking flow
High level audit of existing booking flow


A frictionless journey

Since this is the core loop of this product, so rather than break it down into multiple steps, I would prefer to change the navigation pattern by combining those steps into a search box and make the overall journey seamless.

I will also make sure that my design maintains proper visual hierarchy and follows accessibility principles that will help all kinds of users easily access and use the product.

Updated search experience

I have combined that 4 steps into this search area to change the navigation pattern for this flow. I am going to explain each screen below.

Easy access to important information.

Easy navigation throughout the app.

Searching for a therapist

Search results

Overall, I have redesigned the search result screen by ensuring all the necessary details a potential user might need to make decision faster.

Availability of critical information that controls the decision making.

Search results
Search results - iterations

Booking summary

I have reorganised the booking summary screen. It made sure better readability and availability of the necessary information

Better accessibility

Booking Summary
Booking Summary - iteration

Key takeways

How would I do this project differently?

1.  Understanding the JTBD and Variables of Success

Since I completed this challenge within a very short timeframe so I had not enough data to inform design decisions. If I had more time, I would try to speak with some potential users of the application and understand the jobs they are trying to achieve within this product and the value parameters that they are using to measure the success of these jobs.

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